I must have swallowed enough water to drown a baby!

May 2, 2008

I decided to go swimming yesterday.

Doggy Paddle FTW 🙂

I’m totally pathetic and have no technique whatsoever.

In the 90 minutes or so that I was at the pool at most I managed 10-15 lengths, half with a float 😉

Part of ma problem is I can’t kick my legs. I more let them swing at the knee which results in lots of splash and little propulsion.

Another part of my problem is ma arms don’t seem to provide much propulsion either, and when they do cos I work real hard, they get pure knackered well fast like!

The other bit of ma problem is a lack of any substantial body fat which aids floatation.

I think ma body isn’t steamlined enough, other people simply keep moving with little effort, and no matter how much I try and change ma technique I don’t seem to be able to replicate it.

Achievement: the action of accomplishing something.


  • Despite being unable to do breast stroke at all before this time, I managed a whole length in one go with it, YEE HAAW! At least 4-5 strokes with decent technique, going right under with ma head etc! 😀 The problem was trying to multitask. I was attempting to keep arms, legs and breath in timing. I discovered this was a little hard. Each stroke didn’t appear to provide very much power. Other folk seem to gently glide slowly through the water with no effort at all. Pah!
  • Backcrawl ain’t exactly too hard either, at least you don’t particularly need to worry about breathing, but not sure why but I noticed ma body wasn’t exactly horizontal in the water. Dunno exactly how its supposed to be.
  • Front Crawl ma arm technique horrid, ma leg technique horrid, and ma breathing technique pure horrendous! (Lift whole head out of water to breathe and it totally upsets ma ‘smooth gliding’ through the water)
  • I was also so tired afterwards it must have taken me an extra 10 minutes to walk home. My legs felt like they were detached from my body but all the nerve endings remained to cause extreme aches and pains.
  • I also managed into Mathematics for the first time this week (last lecture) despite being up till 2 am playing with vector graphics, but thats a bit unrelated.

I drew the outline of myself with a caligraphy tool in inkscape. I then went through every line correcting every join at the 40thousandmillionth zoom in or something similar, and deleting probably a thousand nodes (reduced file size doing this by over a third).

Haven’t worked out how to fill the holes between the lines, Only way I know is to match every line with a beizer curve which I really could not be bothered doing after spending hours getting the outline, so I saved it a bunch of times, uploaded into the GIMP, and then started adding colours and a few basic shadows etc :D.